Skin Booster Courses

1 Skin Booster Course is £299, 3 Skin Booster Courses is £699 Saving over £250.

Profound – Studies have shown that the Profound procedure produces one-third the effect of a surgical face-lift. Good candidates for the Profound procedure are people who have sagging skin, especially in the cheeks or jowls, wrinkles along the cheeks and loss of volume around the mouth and cheeks, as well as upper lip wrinkles. Profound is an amazing skin booster used for hydration and anti aging

Sunekos – Intradermal treatment with Sunekos® 200 corrects and protects the dermis from the signs of aging. Sunekos is the only natural product in professional dermo-aesthetics that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring elasticity and volume to the skin.

A RAPID AND SAFE RECOVERY OF THE WRINKLE Jalupro’s use means to reduce skin wrinkleness significantly. Especially the product has shown to have an excellent biorevitalizing efficacy and to improve the main skin aging and photoaging signs. This efficacy grows over time and lasts 6 months.Jalupro’s tolerance was very good in all treated subjects and the treatment is ideal before sunbathing too.

Note: Must have level 3 qualification and Injectable experience Contact