Microblade Training £1300

Suitable for trainees of all levels. Students must be 18+. The course is made up of three days training at the training centre. An ABT Accredited Certificate can only be awarded on successful completion and meeting all requirements and criteria of the assessment.  Models must: be 18+, not pregnant or breast feeding, not have fillers around brow area, have no cuts or abrasions in or close to brow area, not about to visit any hot climates or have a recent suntan and must complete a patch test prior to treatment. Training Centre in  Cumbria. Payment plans are available, which will take two days to approve, so you can have your training course done before you pay the full amount on payment plan options. Just one client a month will cover your finance payment and the rest will be pure profit. That means you will start clients and earning money, this is what helps you pay monthly with the payment plan. Once approved we can book in some dates, although you can pay in full too with myself, this is the link to my profile at Spa Academy, https://www.prettyfacefinance.co.uk/clinics/287

Kit included in the course price:

Microblades, Pigments, All tools to perform treatments, Client consultation forms

3 Days Course Plan

Health and safety, Professional standards, Brow templating, Hair stroke method on false skins, Hair stroke method, Live model demo, Student live model treatment x 2, Pigment and colour theory, Skin types and anatomy, Wound healing and aftercare, Infection control. £1300


Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon. Closeup beautician doing  tattooing eyebrow.Microblading. Cosmetologist making permanent makeup. Attractive woman getting facial care and tattoo eyebrows

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