Jaw Fillers

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Dermal fillers are an amazing way to give shape and definition to the jawline. While in younger patients, it can enhance the jawline; in older patients, it provides structure to the vanishing jawline. To achieve a defined jawline and a stronger profile. Correct placement in this area can go a long way in giving a sharper and elongated look to the face, restoring the “inverted triangle of beauty” to some extent. When you wonder how square-looking and ageing faces of your favourite celebrities suddenly start looking more oval and feminine, think of ‘jaw fillers,’ and everything starts to make sense!

Adding fillers along the jawline can also help camouflage the jowls, making the double chin look far less prominent, the neck more defined and can even make one look slimmer. However, it takes an experienced injector, who helps you achieve all this while maintaining an ‘untouched’ look that looks entirely natural.