Individual Lash Extension Course

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These extensions are a move away from the traditional strip lashes that everyone has painstakingly tried to apply at one time or another. Instead, these are individual lashes which are added to the clients own natural lash for a truly fabulous effect. Clients can achieve anything from dramatically sweeping lashes to a generally thicker and fuller effect.

The Lash Course course covers how to complete the application and demonstrates the correct removal techniques. The course also covers reception and consultation, contra-indications to treatment and aftercare advice.

The course is beautifully written and accompanied by images and a voiceover to give you the best possible learning experience.

The course is fully accredited by the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body, for membership and insurance purposes. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a full-colour certificate Award in Individual Lash Extensions. Contact

Extreme Glue (3g)
Glue Preserving Pack & Silica Gel
Glue Card
Primer (10ml)
Orange Gel Remover (10g)
Eyelash Ruler

WonderLash Premium Mink Eyelashes MIX Tray
WonderLash Premium Silk Eyelashes MIX Tray
***Contents may vary subject to stock availability***

Please note glue ring and bridge will soon be replaced with Head/Hand sponge

Straight Tweezers
Curved Tweezers
Jade Stone
Glue Ring

Finepore Surgical Tape
Styling Wands SS (25pcs)
Lint Free Applicator  (25pcs)
Eye Gel Patches (20pairs)

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