Dermal Filler Foundation Course £1200, Dermal Filler Advanced Course £700

Injection of filler agents for facial rejuvenation is by no means a new procedure. Substances such as mineral oil, liquid silicone, collagen and even paraffin have been used as soft tissue filler to improve soft tissue imperfections.  Due to high incidences of complications, which includes chronic oedema, granuloma formations, lymphadenopathy, scarring and ulcer formation new safer products made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA) have been developed which have less complications for the client. With the development of these new, safer fillers the demand for injectable fillers has grown in recent years as more and more clients seek nonsurgical means for correcting age-related changes to their facial skin. The increased popularity of Botox injections has aided the growth and demand for filler injections, which are able to provide results for areas where Botox cannot.

On Our Foundation course you will safely learn

The technique for Lips, Marionette Lines & Nasal Folds, this is practical at the training centre.

A manual to study at home with a series of questions on Anatomy & Physiology, needles and syringes, different types of fillers and their uses, injection techniques, Health & Safety, Riddor, for you to answer and diagrams to fill in before the practical sessions.

You will also receive Complications and First Aid as well as Hyalase Dissolver Practical training.

On Our Advanced Course you will safely learn the technique for Nose, Chin, Cheeks and Jawline.