Therapist Incentives

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Remembering all staff our individuals and what motivates one will not necessarily motivate another.

Having somewhere to chill and de stress throughout their treatment time is a great way to help and show that you have their well-being looked after. in this area you could pop in inspirational magazines, you could also pop in a leader board with which therapist is retailing the most, a great place for this which has lots of space is

When retailing have a focus on one product throughout the week, and if your commission is usually 10% a product make this focus product 15%. This will give the therapists an incentive to focus on that product more.

Another great way of rewarding and motivating therapists is to send them on unique training. It could be the therapist who sells/performs the most facials within a 3 month period can go and train for the most advanced facials at the training centre. This is also developing and training which is an incentive in itself.

A £5.00 birthday gift voucher for their favourite coffee shop, or bring their favourite coffee in and cake of course.

Asking therapists for their own ideas of how or what will give them motivation and retain them.

Spa swapping with other spas in my opinion is one of the best ways to motivate therapists. I have just been putting this together in the Lake District and Yorkshire, see in my next blog who is doing this and get in touch to get involved, Contact



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